How to Increase Followers on Facebook 2021

Hey, what’s happening?

My name is Zeky Ahmed. And in this video,

I am going to show you how to
increase your Facebook followers

using a three step quick and easy
strategy that’s a hundred percent

organic, meaning you aren’t going
to have to spend a penny. Now,

this strategy is going to work for you,

whether you’re trying to use it on
your personal profile or on a page.

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By the way, stick to the end of this
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everything we talk about in this video,

into practice and get
results with it very fast.

Now let’s jump into the
strategy. Step number UNO.

You need to make sure that your profile
or page actually has the ability

to get followers in the first place.


if you’re using a Facebook page as in
a business page where people can click

like on it, then it automatically has
the ability for people to follow it.

But if you’re using a personal profile,
then you have to activate that ability.

Quick note.

If you don’t already know how to activate
the follow button for your profile,

I put a link in the description that
has quick, straight to the point,

instructions on exactly how
to do that. Step number two,

before you start actively
increasing your followers,

it’s very important that you’ve optimized
your profile or your page so that your

followers actually understand
what you’re about. Otherwise.

What I’m going to share with you in the
next steps is not really going to help

you a lot because people are not going
to have an incentive to want to follow


And also even if they do follow you,

they’re not going to really be clear on
what it is that you offer or what you’re

marketing or what you’re trying to,
what value you can provide them.


how exactly do you optimize your profile
or page to make it clear what you’re

about? Well,

you want to use all of the marketing real
estate that Facebook gives you to take

advantage of that. Here’s an
example of my personal profile,

where I’m building my own
following. As you can see,

when you go on my personal profile,

it’s very clear from the
get-go exactly what I’m about.

You can see what is the value
proposition that I offer.

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I help people with
building their audiences.

Within five seconds of
stumbling on your profile,

someone should very clearly be able to
tell exactly what you’re about without a

single ounce of confusion.


when it comes to optimizing your profile
this way and making sure what you do is

very clear.

That’s a whole training in and of itself.
And I mentioned earlier in this video,

that towards the end of the video, I’m
going to give you a free gift. Well,

in that free gift,

it’s going to cover exactly how to
go about optimizing your profile.

So make sure to keep watching the
video. And once I offer that free gift,

you can get your hands on it.
Doesn’t cost you a penny. Now,

once you’ve done that, you’re
ready to move on to the next step.

This is where the strategy
really comes alive.

This is where you’re gonna start getting
a lot of people’s attention and start

gaining those followers,

as long as you implemented the stuff
I already talked about properly.

So what you’re going to do in this
step is you’re going to find relevant

Facebook groups in your niche
to become a part of and to

get actively involved in.

Now, why are we going
to use Facebook groups?


if you understand the way that Facebook
works over the past couple of years,

Facebook has been putting a crazy
focus into growing its Facebook groups


So what that means for you is Facebook
groups are a huge opportunity that

isn’t going anywhere.
Whatever niche you’re in,

I can almost a hundred percent guarantee
you that there are tons of Facebook

groups that you can find where there
are people who are passionate or engaged

around those topics and
around those interests.

And you can insert
yourself into those groups,

become an active part of it and start
gaining people’s attention. Now,

how exactly do you find
those targeted groups? Well,

there’s a lot of different ways that
you can go about it. And like I said,

I’m giving you a free gift in a second,

that is going to dive into a lot of the
stuff we talked about in this video in

more depth, including how exactly to
find those targeted Facebook groups.

Now, once you’ve found
those targeted groups,

what you need to do is you need
to first off join the groups.

Which is really simple to do you
just click the join group button,

whether you’re on mobile or desktop.

It might take a little bit of
time for them to approve you,

but once you’ve been approved,

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what you’re going to do at this point is
you are going to set aside a time block

every day, where you spend
about an hour, maybe two hours.

It really depends on what kind of
time you have available to do this,

but you’re just going to go into each of
those Facebook groups and you’re going

to engage. Your goal with
doing this is not to spam.

You’re not going to just go out there,

start promoting yourself
or anything like that.

What you want to do is you want to
become genuine part of the community,

a familiar face, who
other people recognize.

The way that I like to approach
this is two main ways. Number one,

during that time block that
you set aside every day,

I recommend scrolling through the group
and you want to help people who are

asking questions, or maybe
who are just, you know,

asking for input on something, just go
in there and answer people. Be helpful,

provide value to people. Even, you know,
if someone is just sharing something,

you can, you can provide input. You can
provide, provide your thoughts on it.

This is going to make you a
familiar face within the community.

Also the group owners and others will
appreciate you because you’re someone

who’s contributing to the conversation.
The second way that you want to,

you know,

take advantage of these Facebook groups
is by also posting your own helpful


Now it’s very important to not
spam because if you’re spamming any

good group worth its salt is
going to immediately ban you

for spamming in their community.

And if they don’t do that,

then that’s not really a group that you
want to be spending your time in because

chances are, it’s just
flooded with spammers.

But good quality groups will ban
you for spamming or for, you know,

very overt self-promotion. So instead,

what you want to do is you the same
thing you were doing when you were

commenting on other people’s content,
where you were trying to be helpful,

answering questions and things like
that, post helpful content in the group,

too. If you have

some kind of tidbit from
your experience to share,

you can share that in the
group. Your goal again,

is to be as helpful as possible. Now,
why is this going to pay off? Well,

what’s naturally going to happen
is as you start becoming a very

familiar presence within
the Facebook group,

people are going to want a deeper
look into what you’re about.


So when they see you reply to their
comments or reply to somebody else’s

comment, or they see your posts and so on.

A lot of people are going to
end up clicking over to your

profile to see who exactly you are.
People do this a lot on Facebook.

And because of that, you’re going to get
a ton of attention onto your profile.

And this is why before I spoke about
the importance of optimizing your

profile. So that within
just a couple of seconds,

people know exactly what you’re about.

If immediately they know
exactly what you’re about,

and it’s something that speaks to them,

something that they’re interested
in and they want, whatever it is,

that kind of value that
you can provide to them,

then they’re going to
click that follow button.

They might send you a
friend request as well.

You’ll end up getting a lot of friend
requests using the strategy and those

friends, those new friends will
also become followers as a result.

So this is a very quick
way to build an audience,

but the key to using the
strategy is consistency.

If you’re not consistent about
it, it’s not going to work. Now,

if you found this helpful so far,

I want you to hit that thumbs up button
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see it too. And now for that free
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what I’m going to give you is I recorded
a free training that goes much more

in-depth into the strategy.

So I’m going to cover step-by-step
how to optimize your profile,

to get the kind of results
I was just talking about,

as well as how exactly to go about
finding those targeted Facebook groups and

diving a little bit more in-depth into
how to create that helpful content to

build your reputation and to gain
attention within those communities.

You can get the free training in the
link that’s in the description of this


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video. So I hope you
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