How To Grow With 0 Views And 0 Subscribers

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Oh, so close.

I know how frustrating
it could be when you have

0 views and 0 subscribers.

Your youtube channel,
you are getting started,

no one knows who you are yet and what kind

of content you produce.

You spend all that time planning
and scripting and filming

and editing the videos
and you’re all excited.

You upload to youtube,
only a few people watch it.

I remember back then when I
had 0 views and 0 subscribers

and I would upload a
video and I would wait

and I would refresh a few times hopefully

to get a few more views.

So I know what it’s like when
you’re starting from scratch.

And I know a lot of my
fans, that I inspire you

to start your youtube channel.

By the way, if you start
your youtube channel

because of following my work,
comment below and let me know.

I might just check out
your youtube channel.

So how do you grow with 0
views and 0 subscribers?

See, in the publishing world,
I’ve done a number of books

and there’s a joke that we talk about

in the publishing world.

Well, how do you become
a best-selling author?

Well, it’s easy to become
a best-selling author

if you already have a best-seller, right?

So meaning it’s easy to
grow your youtube channel

if your youtube channel already
has a lot of subscribers,

and also you’re already famous.

Then it’s easy for your videos
to go viral or to get more

views and get more eyeballs
when you already have

a big youtube channel.

But what do you do if you’re
starting from scratch?

So today I’m gonna share
5 secrets with you.

If I were to start all over
again, growing with 0 views

and 0 subscribers, what are
the 5 things that I would do?

So make sure you stay until the very end.

I’m gonna share one secret
with you that will explode

your subscribers and explode
your views, are you ready?

Let’s go.

YouTube secret number one.

Hey Jarvis, do you remember
what secret number one is?

I believe it’s use compelling titles, sir.

Right, use compelling titles.

You don’t want to be boring.

One of the biggest sins you
could commit as a YouTubers

is to have boring titles.

Yes I know, there are YouTubers
out there that they have

boring titles and yet they
still have millions and millions

of followers, if you are Casey,
that’s a different story.

Casey breaks every single rule

and still has a massive following.

But for most people who
are starting from 0 views

and 0 subscribers, you
wanna have compelling titles

for your videos because
people are searching you.

They don’t know you yet.

So let me give you some
templates, some examples,

because I got started as a copywriter.

Remember back then when
I was doing copyrighting,

when I was writing any kind of titles,

any kind of headlines, we call them.

That we wanted to make it interesting.

And one of the litmus
test is, we ask ourselves,

would this headline
work in a classified ad.

Yes, I know, newspaper, I’m
my age, I get that, okay?

But newspaper, people are
flipping through the newspaper

and they can see, okay, would
this headline be compelling

enough for people to read,

wanting to find out more information.

So it’s the same thing.

Let me give you some proven
headlines or just some ideas

when it comes to titles.

Number one, how to.

How to is always a very,
very powerful title

because people go on
youtube, they wanna find out

how do I do something?

How to, it’s a very, very powerful title.

One of my videos that went kind of viral

is how to make a thousand dollars a day

using your smartphone.

So it has a promise and
also tells them hey,

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I will learn how to do something.

So how to is a huge category on youtube.

Second, it could be a
variation of that, like how I.

How I have done something.

Another video that went
viral for my channel is

how I retired at the age
of 27, where I kind of

share my story, what I’ve done,

some of the lessons I’ve learned.

So that’s another example.

Another good example is secrets of.

Secrets of.

So people wanna know, right
Jarvis, people wanna know.

People want to know, sir.

They wanna know what are the secrets.

Secrets of.

So example of one of my
videos, the secret to closing

more sales, that’s another example.

The secret of or secrets of.

And if you have a specific
number 3 or 4 or 5,

that’s even more powerful.

Another example, warning
type headline such as,

I have this video called
don’t start a business

until you watch this or don’t
start your youtube channel

until you watch this.

It’s kind of like a warning,
hey, don’t do that until

you watch this video.

You see how it’s very
much curiosity driven?

Or, one more example and
that is a headline, a title

that is outcome driven.

Example, the most dangerous
animals in the world.

Oh, that’s interesting.

You see, that has a very
particular, very precise,

very specific pay off.

When your viewers click on that
video before they even click

on that video, they know exactly
what they are going to get.

Now when your channel is small, right?

When you have 0 views and 0 subscribers,

when you use a title like
hey, my trip to Europe.

Nobody gives a damn.

Because no one knows
who you are yet, right?

And once you have millions
of followers and subscribers,

sure, my trip to Europe,
your fans want to know hey,

what is going on, I wanna know.

Those vlogging type videos
you will get attraction.

But in the beginning,
it’s much more difficult

to get traction if you are not well known.

So why not focus a topic that people

are already searching for, right?

Using how to, using warning,
using secrets of, right?

Using those proven titles.

That way you’ll grow much, much faster.

YouTube secret number two.

Hook them with a youtube trailer.

Think about your favorite movie,
right, before it comes out.

You’re all excited.

The movie company, what did
they do, they release a trailer.

They give you some of the
best scenes from the movie

so you’re looking forward
when the movie comes out.

You should do the same thing
for your youtube channel.

So you have your first time
visitor going to your channel,

going to the homepage of your channel.

They could click on it and they could see

what your channel is about.

Robert Cialdini, his book Influence,

The Psychology of Persuasion.

He talks about why you need to give them

a reason to do something.

People need to know, they
need to have a reason why

they need to do it.

It’s not enough to say hey,
my content is fantastic,

my videos are fantastic
that you should subscribe.

It’s not good enough.

So in your trailer tell them
who you are, what you’re about,

how often you upload,
why should they subscribe

and exactly what you want them to do.

Now would it be helpful if I
give you some kind of a script

for your trailer, comment below.

Yes, here we go.

You could say something like this.

Hey, my name is blank.

I am an entrepreneur, I’m a blogger,

I’m a travel enthusiast,
whatever it might be.

I am a blank, right?

When you subscribe to my channel,
you tell them you’re gonna

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get X, Y, Z.

What are the benefits,
why should we subscribe.

Hey, you’re gonna learn more
about this, you’re gonna learn

more about that, you’re
gonna get this kind of value.

You gotta tell people that, right?

And also tell them every
single week I upload one video,

two videos or every single
Tuesday and Thursday

I will upload a video for you.

Tell them the frequency of your uploads

so they know what to expect.

And don’t forget to tell people
exactly what you want them

to do, don’t assume because
you have good content, oh,

they’ll naturally subscribe.

No, you gotta tell them, so
tell them hey, click the little

button here, subscribe or
click on the button there,

subscribe to my youtube channel today.

And make sure you hit the bell.

Make sure you turn on the notifications.

You got to tell them what to do.

You got it?

Secret number three and that is

fall in love with your
fans, not your content.

One of the biggest mistakes
a lot of YouTubers make,

they make videos that they
want to make instead of making

videos that your fans want.

You see it’s very easy to
forget that there’s another

human being behind this, watching you.

You look at the thumbs up,
you look at the numbers,

you look at the views, you look
at subscribers and you think

it’s just a digit, well
it’s not just a digit,

let me tell you this.

Behind this, there’s a person.

There’s a human being with
feelings, emotions and struggles.

Never forget that.

Don’t ever, ever treat
your fan like a digit.

It’s very important and I
think one of the reasons

why my series Boss in the
Bentley did so well on youtube,

because it’s Q&A, it’s my fans,
you, submitting a question.

And I answer them, I
interact and I comment.

That makes a huge difference.

So you have to care about your fans.

Another thing that you
could do is as a creator,

as a YouTubers, you could give
your fans comment a heart.

To let them know, and when
you do that, your fan who left

a comment would actually get
a notification that you have

given them a heart.

Sometimes I know, when
I read your comments,

I give you a heart, and
my fans, you’re thinking,

is that really you, Dan did
you just give me a heart?

Yes, it’s really me.

I think any YouTubers when
they think they’re too big

and they’re too popular and
they no longer connect with

their fans, they’re not gonna last long.

YouTube secret number four.

Have a CTA in your video.

What does CTA stand for?

Call to action.

Call to action, you have to
tell your viewers exactly

what you want them to do.

Do you want them to share
your video, do you want them

to give you a thumbs up, do you want them

to comment below on your video.

You have to tell them exactly what to do.

Never ever assume.

You see, one of the things that
I did when I started telling

my viewers, you, to click on
the button below and subscribe

to my channel, I saw a significant jump

in terms of subscribers that I get.

At first I thought, hey,
if you love my content,

don’t you naturally subscribe?

People don’t do that.

And there are many ways you can do this.

There are many ways you can
insert a call to action.

Example, you can do it
before, during and after.

So, in the beginning of your video

you can say something like hey,
if this is first time viewer

watching my video or this is
the first time you are visiting

my channel, make sure you
hit the subscribe button.

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You could do something like that.

Or in the middle, right?

During your video you could say
hey, if you want me to teach

you more about this, you want
me to share more about this

experience, you want me to make
more of this kind of video,

make sure you comment below and hey,

don’t forget to subscribe.

Or you can also do it at the end,

of course don’t overdo this,

you don’t wanna do it three, four times,

that’s a bit overkill.

But at the end of your video,
you could say something like

hey, don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel.

Make sure you hit the
subscribe button below

and click on the bell.

And turn on the notifications,
it’s very important that you

ask them to turn on the notifications.

It means that every single
time you release a video,

there’s a chance that they
will see it on their homepage.

The subscribers feed.

So then they are more likely
to click on your video.

So call to action.

YouTube secret number
five, and that is long term

consistency trumps short term intensity.

I think most YouTubers,
they give up too soon.

They upload some videos, or
they upload a dozen videos

and then they give up because
they are saying to themselves,

no one is watching my video,
I’m not getting enough views,

no comment, why?

I spent so much time making these videos.

I know how you feel.

I know how sucky it is
when you upload a video

and you spend all that
time, you’re creating

that perfect piece of content
and then no one watches

your video but you have
to stay consistent.

You have to think that
this is a long term game.

Think of it as like you’re
pushing a snowball uphill, right.

In the beginning it’s very, very heavy.

And you keep pushing and you
keep pushing but once you hit

that tipping point, once you
go over the mountain, the hump.

Everything becomes so much faster.

Like this snowball effect.

I still remember what took
me before, months, the amount

of views it took me months to get,

now I could get it in hours.

Why, because of the snowball effect.

I promise you, if you upload
two times a week instead of

one time, your channel will grow faster.

If you upload three times a
week instead of two times,

your channel will grow even faster.

My channel exploded the minute
I commit to a daily upload.

Now I’m not saying that
you have to upload a video

every single day, but that works.

That long term consistency
absolutely trumps

that short term intensity.

Do it long term, think of
this as a long term game.

You’re investing, you’re
building an asset.

You’re building a platform.

It is absolutely worth it.

So those are the five secrets
on how to grow with 0 views

and 0 subscribers, I have so
many more secrets I wanna share

with you, in fact I’m doing
a special online event.

A virtual event that
you could participate.

Called youtube secrets.

Click the link here, or here
and get your ticket today.

You can join me from the
comfort of your own home,

where I’m gonna share
with you way more secrets,

how do you grow that
channel, how do you monetize

your youtube channel, how do you make

a full-time living as a YouTubers.

So click the link here or there

and I will see you at the event.

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