How to Grow An Audience On Twitter FAST In 2021

109 000 impressions 14 700

profile visits 286 followers 150

email subs and thousands of dollars in

digital product sales

these are the stats from 28 days of the

last 28 days on twitter

and i really only started on this

platform in the month of february so in

this video i want to talk about

how you can grow an audience on twitter

fast and

why i think it’s going to be the social

media king the king of all other social

media platforms

by the end of 2021 so let’s first talk


why twitter why would you want to grow

on this platform it’s nothing new it’s

been around for

a long long time so why am i focused on

growing on twitter and why should you

want to build your audience here in 2021

so let’s talk about those reasons right


first the organic reach and engagement

on twitter is

incredible and i’ve been on quite a few

different platforms i have an email list

i’m on youtube i’m on facebook i have my

own facebook groups i’ve been on

instagram and snapchat and the

the engagement and organic reach that i

see on twitter just murders all these

other platforms

for the amount of followers that i have

right i only have 286 followers here

and i have 109 000 people who have seen

my tweets so the the organic reach and

the engagement here

is crazy high and you would think it’s a

new platform for how good the organic

reach is so that’s number one

number two is the quality of information

and value that people

share on this platform is also very

it’s top notch it’s it’s really high

quality and if this does go back to who

you follow and who you choose

to follow on twitter but overall they’re

some of the biggest entrepreneurs and

billionaires in the world like elon musk

they’re very active on this platform

and they’re sharing information and

they’re sharing value and insights and

and different things and lessons about

their business so

the quality of information and the value

and the people you’re going to find on


is top notch some of the brightest minds

in the world

this is their platform of choice twitter

number three is there is no limit to the

amount of followers you can have

so platforms like facebook you can only

have 5 000

friends on instagram there’s no limit

youtube there’s no limit but

linkedin you also have a limit i think

it’s like 30 000 connections which you


is kind of high but there is still a

limit so twitter you have you can have

an unlimited amount of followers and

like i said on the first point the

organic reach and engagement is

incredible so

just imagine putting a tweet out and

unlike facebook pages

where you’re posting only one percent of

people see your post

with twitter the reach is still crazy

high even for a mature platform

and the fourth reason is they are coming

out with a feature

that rivals the best feature on every

other platform there is

instagram stories twitter has a feature

called fleets that is just like story

spaces is coming on to take on clubhouse

right so you guys know clubhouse is

that new audio only app twitter is

rolling out a new feature called

spaces which is the exact same thing as

clubhouse communities that’s going to

take on facebook groups so twitter is

going to have their own

groups and own communities directly in

the platform super follows where you can


pay people or you can if you’re a big

influencer you can charge people to

follow you and see certain tweets of

yours that’s going to rival patreon

where people are paying creators for

their information they also just rolled

out a built-in newsletter platform to


sub stack if you guys know what that is

sub stack they allow you to create paid

new email newsletters

twitter just rolled out a feature to

create your own newsletter directly in

the platform and word on the street is

twitter is also

testing ecommerce features which means

you can directly buy

products right off the platform products

and services so twitter is coming out

with a feature

to rival basically every other platform

out there and they’re really going hard

on these features this year so i’m

excited to see what this is or what it’s

going to look like and how

twitter is going to grow by the end of

this year or through this year now

here’s my prediction and you can mark my

words in this

by the end of 2021 twitter will be the

king of all social media platforms

it’s going to be the most talked about

it’s going to be the most desirable

platform for people wanting to build

their audience

because of all the features and because

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of all the engagement there and i think

that right

now we are still in the early phases

which is weird to say

we’re still in the early phases of

people starting to grow their audience

and their influence and their businesses

on twitter so i want to help you in this

video i want to give you some ways to

grow on this platform fast start growing

your audience and

and ride this wave and get ahead of the

curve before everyone else starts

jumping into this

and growing their audience on twitter as

well so let’s dive into these these

growth hacks for these steps right now

now the first twitter growth hack is to


three main content buckets so for me

what that is right now and this could

change you know over time depending on

data and depending on what my audience

says but the main three content buckets

i have on twitter

are content creation email marketing and

digital products so

these three things this is the main

three topics everything that i tweet

about on twitter

is going to be about these three content

buckets digital products

email marketing and content creation so

this just makes it a lot easier where

you’re not going onto twitter and you’re

not just

guessing about what to write about

everything that i tweet about and every

all the content that i post on twitter

is gonna be about those three content

buckets so that’s the first thing is to

pick your three content buckets

second thing is to post three to five

times daily or tweet

three to five times daily and this could

be how-to information it could be value

it could be insights it could be lessons

it could be mistakes that common

mistakes that your market is making it

could be quotes or concepts that

resonate with you and also relate to

your content buckets

and really you just want to be posting

consistently every day

and it doesn’t always need to be some

kind of brain gasm it doesn’t always

need to be like the

the number one piece of content that

you’re going to put out the main thing

is you want to be consistent

you want to share your thoughts and

ideas and when you do this consistently

people are gonna not only see you a lot

more but you’re gonna have at least

let’s say you post a hundred tweets at

least one of those

is gonna get traction more than the

others and then you know from there it’s

like okay this topic got traction

i can talk more about this i can dive

deeper into this topic

so when you tweet three to five times

daily you are giving yourself enough

time and enough data points

to know which topics are resonating and

which ones you can go deeper on

and which ones you can just you know

ditch and not talk about anymore if it’s

not getting any traction i also use a

tool like height fury to save me a lot

of time and it helps me to schedule out

my tweets so i don’t have to worry about

sitting down every day and just thinking

from scratch what to actually write

about sometimes i’ll use this tool

height fury

to schedule out an entire week in

advance so i don’t have to think about

what to write about each day so if you

guys want to check that out i’ll drop a

link to hype you’re below

in the description and that’s really

going to save you a ton of time with

scheduling out your tweets and helping

you stay consistent now number three the

third twitter growth hack is to make


lists of different industries and

different areas that you want to learn

more about

so some of the lists that i have are for

writers tech founders

there are email marketers personal

finance people investors content


i have different lists for different

categories in different industries and

this these lists make it easy for me to

filter out

only the information that i want to see

and i have it categorized based on the

different industry or the different

expertise area twitter growth hack

number four is to create a tweet storm

once a week and this is super powerful

if you can be consistent with this

so twitter has a 280 character limit per

tweet and tweetstorm is what it is it’s

basically a long article

and you’re just breaking it up tweet by

tweet and it’s all within one thread so

let’s just say that you want to create a

tweet storm the 11 best subject line

formulas for e-commerce friends so you

might create one tweet

you reply to that tweet with subject

line formula number one

you apply to that with subject line

formula number two and so on and so

forth for 11 or 12 tweets

at the end of that tweet storm you can

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link to your website you can link to a

product you can link to book a call and

all this really is is you

are creating a thread of a topic or an

idea it’s usually how to post

i’ll throw one up on the screen here an

example that i wrote a couple weeks ago

that did pretty well

and this is around creating your own

paid email challenge so you can see here

i went step by step tweet by tweet

through creating your own paid email

challenge and at the end of that i told

them hey if you want to learn more about


join my email list i actually had a

couple people reach out to me

who want me to help them with creating

this for themselves so i have potential

coaching clients right there for from

this tweet storm so this is great to

build your list

it’s great to get exposure on your


if you get one of these that goes off

that does well

it can attract a lot of people a lot of

eyeballs to your profile

and when you create one of these if if

someone likes what you’re posting

there’s a good chance they’re going to

go to your profile and check out all the

other content that you’re posting and if

you have other tweet storms there

they’re going to go down the rabbit hole

with all of your content so one of these

a week

very powerful if you can stay consistent

with this over time and all you’re

really doing here is just diving deeper

into one of your content buckets

and expanding upon that in a multiple

tweet thread that’s what a tweets term


twitter growth hack number five is to

engage with people

every day three to five times per day

and what does engagement mean well


commenting retweeting just engaging with

other people and showing an interest in

other people

so what i recommend you do is make a

list a twitter list a categorized list

of people who have anywhere from let’s

say two to three hundred followers

to 2 000 followers make a list of these

people make a list of

30 to 50 of these people and every day

look in that list

and like comment and retweet people that

you resonate with and if you’re

commenting on people’s threads

make sure you’re saying something more

than just good tweet or

good thought add something to the

conversation add some value add your own


don’t disagree with them right we don’t

we want to make friends here we don’t

want to make enemies but engage with

them and provide

thoughtful conversation where you’re

actually adding something to the

conversation so

if you want if you want people to take

an interest in you especially if you’re

brand new

you need to take an interest in them and

that means engaging with them and liking

and commenting and retweeting

anything that you resonate with and

making this a habit

every day so engaging with people and

you can even do this through

dms too messaging people and don’t pitch

them just say hey thanks for following

me or thanks for

posting this i really resonated with

this that’s how you connect with people

and that is how you grow your twitter

following that’s how you grow an

audience is actually engaging with


and being a real human being twitter

growth hack number six is to spend

time learning every day so at least one

to two hours

every day you should be learning new

things and new skills and new ideas and

insights there needs to be a constant

flow of new ideas

flowing into your brain and new

knowledge flowing into your brain

there’s no excuse for you not to be

learning new things every day

and learning new things is how you are

going to be able to create new content

create new products

throw new ideas out there come up with

new ideas you need to be learning every


so what i mean by learning every day

well you want to follow smart people

watch interviews listen to podcasts read

books from smart people who are where

you want to be

and just make it a habit to pick up new

skills it doesn’t always need to be in

business it can be in other things

just learning from different industries

and different smart people

and using that to increase the amount of

knowledge that you have and the amount

of ideas and insights that you have that

you can share with your market

on twitter right so as you have the

system for learning new things you’re

gonna also have a way

to share new content because you’re

gonna have this constant flow of new

information and new knowledge coming in

and through that you’re gonna have all

these new ideas

that you can create content around the

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seventh twitter growth hack

is to build in public and i’ve talked

about this a few times now right

building in public building your

business in public and sharing every


and not just the highlights right

everyone’s always like trying to share

their highlights they think they can

only share the top top moments oh look

how much money i made look at these new

cars i bought look at this new house

that i rented that’s not all you have to


you can share the low lights the

mistakes the things that didn’t go wrong

and that’s what’s

actually going to help you bond more and

connect with better with your audience


no one is perfect and if you put out

this this picture that you’re always

right and you’re only posting your

highlights people don’t connect with

that so don’t be afraid to document your


don’t be afraid to share what’s working

and what’s not working and things that

you’re trying out right as you’re going

along and testing things

you’re building in public and you’re

sharing each step that you’re taking and

this is going to help you

build that audience because people are

going to be watching you they’re seeing

you actually

improve every day and again you don’t

have to just post your highlights

because people want to see the journey

they want to see the steps that you’re


to improve yourself and they also

connect better people connect better

with people who aren’t just perfect all

the time so build in public this is one

of the most powerful things you can do

and share your work this is going to

help build the bond with you and your

audience now the eighth twitter growth

hack is to join an accountability group

of other people

who are going to help you grow on

twitter where everyone’s growing

together so i just got out of this

program called ship 30 for 30 and what

this program is it helps you to develop

a writing habit and they focus

on twitter so every day we post

something called an atomic essay an

atomic essay is a 250 word

essay or article a short article on

whatever topic that you want and every

day you’re posting it to twitter and you

have this group

there was 250 or so people in this group

and we’re all engaging with each other’s

essays we’re growing together we’re

engaging with everyone’s posts and this

is a great way to stay accountable

develop a writing habit of publishing

daily and building your audience

and also getting in the habit of

engaging with other people

and responding to other people and

thinking of things having new ideas and

new insights and reading things on

twitter and using that to

learn more and process more and create

better content so

i’ll drop a link to this ship 3430

program below i actually have a link

where you can get 20

off i do get a small kickback if you do

if you don’t want to save the 20

and you don’t want me to get a

commission then just go to

you can sign up there

highly recommend it or just any

accountability group that’s going to

help you publish consistently on


and engage and grow together with

another group if you want to check out

ship 30 for 30

i’ll have a link to that below where you

can save 20 on that program so that’s it

for the twitter growth hacks we shared

eight of them today

like i said i think twitter is an

amazing platform i think it’s going to

be the top

the king of all social media platforms

by the end of 2021

with all of their new features coming

out and what they already have here if

you just take these eight twitter growth

hacks and you actually apply them

consistently and stick with it for

a few months two to three months at

least i am positive i’m 100

positive that you will see you will see

momentum you will grow your audience and

you will be happy

that you actually stuck with it if you

actually do these eight growth hacks

here so if you guys like this if you

enjoyed it give me a like make sure you

subscribe below if you guys are enjoying

this content if you’re not already

subscribed in next week’s video we will

talk about digital product ideas that

all have 100k or more potential

and once you build your audience on

twitter that’s the next step is selling

products and selling things that solve

problems for your audience so next week

we will talk about digital product ideas

i will see you there take care





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