How to Get 1000 Followers Organically on Instagram FAST

I want to get your first
1000 followers on Instagram.

You’re not looking for 10 K.
You’re not looking for 5k.

You’re not looking for a hundred K.

You just want to get a thousand followers
on Instagram and I totally get it.

And on top of that, I get the fact
that you want to do it all organically.

No unfollow follow no
bots, no weird tactics.

And so you clicked on this video and
that is exactly what I’m going to give to

you. I’m going to give you strategic tips,

things that you should definitely do to
really create a good foundation for your

account and get it past
the 1000 follower mark.

And a lot of the things that I’m going
to mention in this video are going to be

helpful to also help you
achieve that 10 K mark as well.

So if you’re interested in
getting your first 1000 followers,

then keep watching. All right.

So the first tip that I have for you is
to make sure you optimize your Instagram

bio. This is key now, what
is exactly the Instagram bio?

This is my definition of it.
It’s your name? It’s the items,

or is it text that’s under your name
where you kind of usually explain what you

do, and if you’re not telling people what
you do, what they can expect from you,

you definitely want to add
that it’s also the Lincoln bio,

as well as the highlights.

I know some people don’t consider the
highlights as the bio section, but for me,

I feel like this entire section is what’s
going to basically let someone know

everything about you in one go.

It’s really what they see
before they start scrolling.

And so you really want to make sure you
nail that first chunk of your profile.

So what exactly are some tips and tricks
that I have for you to really optimize

while the first one is really
simple. And that is your name. Now,

what you’ll notice for me is I
have the word Instagram growth,

and the reason why is
because a lot of people,

they might be searching for Instagram.

And because that keyword
is in my name that way,

when someone is searching for
Instagram growth in search,

I may or may not show up.

Now it’s not always guaranteed that
you’re going to show up. However,

if that person is following a
very similar follower pool to you,

or maybe they know someone who
knows someone who follows you,

then that degree of separation is less.

And so there’s a higher
chance of you showing up.

Versus if someone who literally has
no connection to you whatsoever,

you guys have no mutual followers, nothing
at all. You may not show up. However,

if you really want to
optimize this function,

you definitely want to put it up there
so that you can actually benefit from

Instagram search. For example,
if you are a dog trainer,

make sure that you have your name, but
you also have the word dog trainer in it,

or let’s say you’re a
local photography business.

Make sure that you put the city that
you shoot photographs in and also

photography in the actual
name section. That way,

if someone is searching up for,
let’s say Vancouver photographer,

you might be able to show
up in Instagram search.

The second portion is
the actual bio itself.

What exactly are you going to say
within those limited characters? Now,

the one thing that you definitely want
to make sure of is already within lines.

People know exactly what they can expect
when they go to your account or they

know exactly what they can expect when
it comes to your products and services.

For example, mine, I really want
people to know about my paid program,

the boss Graham academy.

So that’s why I actually created a
separate Instagram account for my actual

program. That’s why it says
founder of the boss gram academy.

Cause I want people to know about that.

The second line that I have under
my bio are authority, boosters.

I want people to know that
I have a YouTube channel,

but also I want people to know that
they can trust me when it comes to

entrepreneurship advice, marketing
advice, and social media advice. Now,

if you don’t feel like you have any
authority, boosters, that’s totally fine.

You don’t need it.

What’s most important is you include
this third line that I have right here.

Especially if you’re selling
a product and service,

you want people to know exactly what is
the problem you solve and what solution

you offer to people. For me, I help
people turn their followers into clients.

And I want to make sure
people know about that.

So they know exactly what
they can expect from my page.

Now let’s say you’re someone who’s
watching this video and you don’t sell a

product and service. You’re not a business
owner. You’re more of an influencer.


you also want to make sure people know
what content they can expect from you.

So let’s say if you are a travel blogger,

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but you also share a
little bit of fashion.

You want to make sure that you actually
say that in your Instagram bio,

maybe you can say something like
follow me for fashion or travel tip.

Or let’s say if you’re someone who does
a lot of Instagram stories and a lot of

your content comes from Instagram stories,

then you might want to also include that
in your bio as well, to direct people,

to watch and pay attention
to your Instagram stories.

What’s most important is for
you to understand that the bio,

that entire section is basically the
first impression that people are going to

have above your account.

And you want to make sure that you tell
them exactly what they’re in for when

they find your account on the
feed. Now, of course, this video,

isn’t just about this particular
part of your Instagram profile.

And I have so many other tips that
I have to cover in this video.

So make sure if you’re interested in
diving deep into creating that Instagram

bio, make sure you check out this
video right after you watch this one.

Now moving on to the second
tip that I have for you.

And then that is commit
to a post schedule. Well,

now one thing that you have to realize
is that Instagram is a really demanding


And the reason why it’s demanding is
because how the Instagram algorithm works.

It really bases everything off of recency.

And what you’ll notice is on your
Instagram feed and your explore page on


almost all the content that’s shown to
you is really recent posted in the last

two days.

And so it’s really important that
you stay consistent on Instagram.

It’s not like a platform like YouTube,

where it’s going to show you content
from years ago or months ago,

it’s really a platform that’s only
dedicated to you showing the most recent

content available. And so
that’s why consistency matters.

And so you definitely want to
commit to a posting schedule,

the more content that
you post on Instagram,

the more likelihood and chances that
you’re going to be able to get more

visible. It’s more like a numbers game.

If I’m posting five
pieces of content a week,

there’s a higher chance that at least
of them is really going to take off.

Versus if I’m only posting one piece
of content a week or none at all,

then my chances of actually getting
more reach is going to be a lot slimmer.

And so you definitely want to make sure
that you have a post schedule. Now,

if you’re watching this video and you
haven’t been able to break past the 1000

follower, mark,

I’m going to assume that Instagram is
still a little bit new to you maybe,

or maybe you haven’t
really dialed it in yet.

And so that’s why I don’t put pressure
on yourself to need to post every single

day. What’s important
at this stage right now,

if you want to hit your first 1000
followers is simply consistency.

So let’s say only one post a week. You
can commit to fine do that. And later on,

wrap it up. Or if you could post three
posts a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday,

let’s say that’s going to be even
more ideal. And here’s a pro tip.

If you don’t have a
business account already,

I highly recommend that you
have one because then you’re
going to be able to tap

into your analytics and understand what
days are probably the best times for you

to post and when your
followers are the most active.

So you definitely want to lean into
those analytics. If you haven’t.


Now, the third tip that I have for you
when it comes to reaching your first 1000

followers or beyond on Instagram is
making sure that you create content that

gets shares.

And the reason why this is important is
because if you create a piece of content

like this,

where more people are more likely to
share it on their Instagram stories like

this, well, then their followers also
gets to see that post as well. Now,

what exactly is shareable content?

It’s basically any content piece that
you believe people will likely share on

their stories. So for me,

I would do a lot of quote posts like
this because I know a lot of people are

more willing to share that
on their Instagram stories
than something like this,

where it’s literally just my face.

Why would they repost a stranger’s
face on their Instagram story?

They’re not going to do that.

And so I always try to make sure in my
Instagram content strategy that I include

pieces that don’t show my face really,

and then allow people to actually feel
comfortable in resharing it to their

audience. Now here’s a pro tip as well.

If you’re going to create shareable
content, whether it looks like this,

or whether it’s a graphic post like this,

you want to make sure that you somewhat
water market put your handle on that

piece of graphic, because
that will increase brand
recognition. So for instance,

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if someone is resharing
that post to their story,

even if their followers don’t click
that post or they don’t really read the

whole thing and realize
that it’s yours, well,

at least if your handle is visible,

then they’ll kind of have better recall
when it comes to your brand and your

handle. And that way people can
really notice you a little bit more.

It also helps for plagiarism.

If someone wants to share it
and take credit for your work,

it’s a little bit harder
when it’s actually watermark.

So that’s my pro tip that I have for
you when it comes to creating shareable



The fourth tip that I have for you is
to integrate and prioritize an Instagram

reels strategy. And I’m going to
show you some data that I collected.

I was keeping track of my social
media metrics on Instagram.

And what I found is when I actually
incorporated a weekly IgE real

meaning that I posted do reels
almost every single week.

I actually saw a huge increase in reach.

And the reason why is because Instagram,
they are prioritizing ID reels.

And so there’s more likelihood
that Instagram is going
to push your IgE reels to

the platform because they
are competing with Tik TOK.

And so you definitely want to ride
this wave for as long as you can,

and really prioritize an IgG
real strategy in your content,

because that way you can maximize the
potential of you getting more visibility

on that platform. Now,

if you have questions about getting
started with Instagram reels or any tips

about that,

make sure you check out this video that
I have right here about Instagram reels

specifically. Now let’s talk about
my fifth tip to help you grow.

And that is hashtags,

but specifically focusing
on niche hashtags,

a rookie mistake that I see a lot of
people make is they choose hashtags that

are way too competitive. For instance,
you might do the hashtag cute.

And what you don’t realize is the hashtag
cute has millions and millions and

millions of other posts underneath it.

So you want to make sure that you choose
hashtags that have a happy medium,

that they’re popular enough, that
people are searching for them,

but they’re not super popular to the
point where your post is going to be

completely drowned. And so if you
have questions about hashtag strategy,

I highly recommend that you watch this
video that I have right here about

hashtags, because I go way more in
depth in terms of the breakdown.

But in this video, I can absolutely give
you some pointers. Now for hashtags.

You definitely want to make sure that
it’s above a hundred thousand in terms of

search volume, but less than 1 million,

anything over 1 million it’s
quite large. And so again,

if you want even further breakdown,

make sure you watch this
hashtag video that I have right.


Now moving onto the next tip that I have
for you to help you grow your Instagram

following to your first
1000 followers and beyond.

And that is interacting and engaging
with other accounts that are similar

to your niche. For example,

let’s say if I’m an account that
talks a lot about law of attraction,

and I really want to grow my
following and get visible. Well,

what I would do is I would comment and
engage in other accounts that also talk

about law of attraction,

because I know for a fact that
people who follow that account,

they’re likely also interested
in the content that I post too.

And so it helps when you engage in other
people’s accounts that have a similar

niche. Now,

of course you want to make sure you
don’t burn any bridges and risk getting

blocked. You want to be genuine in your
approach when it comes to engaging.

You don’t want to be poaching followers,

bashing the other person and just being
plain sleazy in their comment section.

You just want to be uplifting.

Let me give you some examples of
people who do it in my comment section.

And it’s awesome because they’re able to
actually contribute to the conversation

instead of taking away from it and also
risk getting blocked because they’re

being unprofessional or they’re
just being plain sleazy.

And I can further explain
what sleaziness looks like,

but I’m pretty sure you
guys know what I mean. Now,

speaking of engaging with
other people’s accounts,

you also want to engage
with your own followers,

which is my next tip because a rookie
mistake that I see is that people pay so

much attention to getting
followers, that they don’t have,

that they end up neglecting the
followers that they do have. And again,

speaking to the Instagram algorithm,

it is not just recency based
like I mentioned before,

but it is also relationship base.

Instagram really only shows you content
from people that you’ve engaged with in

the past that you’ve been in
DM conversations with that
you’ve liked their posts

with that. You’ve commented
with all those things.

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Think about it out of all the
5,000 people that you follow.

Do you see every 5,000 people’s
posts on your feed? No,

you likely only see people that
you’ve engaged with in the past.

And so that’s why it’s really important
that you still communicate and engage

with your followers, whether that’s
engaging in their stories, common section,

liking their posts or
DM-ing them. And that way,

they’re going to be able to
see your posts more often,

which helped you get more reach.
Not only this, it’s more of like a,

I scratch your back. You scratch my back.

If they see that you’re
reciprocating on their content,

they’re also more likely to reshare
your content to their audience,

through their Instagram stories as well.

And so that’s why it’s really important
that you make your Instagram into an

actual community. It goes a really long
way in terms of growing your account,

because at the end of the day,

you can’t expect a thousand followers
overnight by just sitting there and not

engaging with anyone. All right.

So let’s talk about the next
tip that I have for you.

And that is link your
Instagram everywhere.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when
I cannot find someone’s Instagram

handle. And you would be surprised how
many times that this has happened to me,

where I’m like, oh my gosh,
this person seems awesome.

Where can I find their Instagram?
I literally go FBI mode.

I go into their Facebook and
it’s not in their Facebook bio.

I can’t find it anywhere. Everything
is private on their Facebook.

They don’t even reshare
their Instagram posts.

So I can’t even tell where their Instagram
is. I go to their YouTube channel.

It’s not linked anywhere at all.
It’s not in their description box.

It’s not in their about me.
It’s nowhere to be seen.

Sometimes it maybe I’ll even
look at their Gmail, signature,

their email signature and see
if their Instagram is there.

I look everywhere for it. And
sometimes I don’t find it.

And so make sure that you actually
link your Instagram account in as many

platforms as possible, because it
takes a platform to grow a platform.

And you want to make sure that if people
are finding you on other platforms,

even if you’re not a YouTuber like me,

and let’s say you engage with people in
the comments section on other people’s

videos, even though you
don’t post videos yourself,

or let’s say you’re someone who engages
in other people’s Facebook groups,

or even if you don’t
engage on Facebook at all,

it does not hurt to link
your Instagram account,

because even though you don’t use
that platform, other people might,

and you want to make sure that
your Instagram account is visible.

You will be so surprised by the amount
of followers that you can get just by

linking your accounts elsewhere. Now,

speaking of other platforms
beyond just linking your account,

if you do want to become a content
creator and other platforms,

I highly encourage it.
Like I said earlier,

it takes a platform to grow a platform
and it doesn’t have to be that hard.

For instance, if you are someone who’s
already doing it, Instagram reels,

then you might as well repost those
Instagram reels to Tik TOK or YouTube


And that way you’re able to even
maximize your reach even more because the

people who find you on TechTalk,

they’ll go to your Instagram for
the people who find you on YouTube,

they’ll go to your Instagram.

And so definitely consider being on
other platforms and repurposing your

content. If you can. Now, if you
have any questions about repurposing,

I also have this amazing
resource right here.

So make sure you check out this video
when it comes to re-purposing content on

all social media platforms, anyways,
friends, I hope you enjoy today’s video.

And I hope that at least one
of the tips hit home for you.

You don’t have to do all of
them, pick one, run with it,

but definitely if you do all of them,

it’s really going to help set up a really
solid foundation to help you get to

your first 1000 followers. But
remember, consistency is key here.

If you want to grow on Instagram, you
definitely want to prioritize consistency,

because if you’re on a
platform like YouTube,

let’s say you can get away
with not posting for a few
weeks, but with Instagram,

it really is a bit more demanding.

And so you want to make sure
you put in that work. Anyways,

I post a lot of videos on marketing,
entrepreneurship, social media,

and coaching. So if you’re
interested in more videos from me,

make sure you check out these two videos
that I have right here as always guys.

I appreciate you. I hope
you guys have a great day,

a great week and a great life, and I
will catch you in the next one. Bye guys.


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